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Changes Requiring Migrations

This page lists breaking changes and informs about deprecations.

Release 1.60.0 (2022-11-16)

Deprecated: setting ui.introductionScreen to false

This migration only affects you if you disabled the default Introduction Screen UI to start screen recording immediately after clicking on the default trigger button.

For the moment everything continues to work as before, but in a future breaking update we will disallow to set ui.introductionScreen to false. Please update your options as shown below:


	/*...otherOptions, */
	ui: {
		introductionScreen: false,


	/*...otherOptions, */
	hooks: {
		onTrigger: () => window.birdeatsbug.startRecording(),

First Non-Beta Release (2022-10-03)

Breaking change: window.birdeatsbug.startSession() renamed to window.birdeatsbug.trigger()

This change is only relevant if your code calls window.birdeatsbug.startSession(). You do not need to take any action if you use default settings and only trigger the SDK from the default trigger button.

Otherwise please take the following actions:

  1. Replace calls to window.birdeatsbug.startSession() with calls to window.birdeatsbug.trigger(). Otherwise the SDK UI popup will not open and recording will no longer start.
  2. Please update the JavaScript snippet integrating the SDK to the latest one displayed in the Quick Start - or manually replace the string 'startSession' to 'trigger'). Without this change, calls to window.birdeatsbug.trigger() will only work once the SDK finished initializing.

Breaking: Various CSS Class Name Changes

Classes have been removed, renamed, and added.